Scott Becker Host of Private Equity Podcast: Guest David Thibodeau Managing Director of Wellvest Capital
Wellvest is pleased to present you with two informative, entertaining and at times humorous podcasts. Each time David is interviewed by the engaging and knowledgeable host of the “Private Equity Podcast”, Scott Becker.

In the FIRST podcast hear David and Scott discuss:

  • David’s 30-year history in the health and wellness space starting with his peanut butter business up to the founding of Wellvest Capital
  • 2020 – a watershed year in health and wellness
  • Views on new brands and areas of investment opportunities
  • eCommerce and the digital revolution’s impact on the industry
  • Benefits of the Independent Sponsor investment model
  • Cutting edge trends in wearables, supplements, foods, and beverages
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In the SECOND podcast hear David and Scott converse on:

  • What new and exciting in functional beverages
  • Success factors for startup and fast-growing health and wellness brands
  • Important considerations when investing in the health and wellness category
  • Wellvest Capital’s investment approach
  • Exciting new trends in nutraceutical supplements, vitamins, and minerals
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