We Understand Your Business

Wellvest Capital has the skills and proficiency necessary to proactively grow health and wellness companies. This includes direct hands-on experience as entrepreneurs, operators, private equity investors, investment bankers and strategy developers.

Our deep industry experience combined with unique perspectives on growth, financial and liquidity options helps us increase shareholders’ value—meeting and very often exceeding companies’ ambitions throughout the corporate lifecycle, from planning to financing expansion to exit.


Raising Capital

Wellvest acts as your corporate finance partner, bringing over 25 years of transaction experience to the process. Our role is to guide an effective and efficient capital raising process (equity capital, mezzanine debt or senior debt) by connecting you with the right capital partner, maximizing stakeholder value and obtaining the best possible deal terms. We do the heavy lifting, allowing management the critical time to focus on running the business. Wellvest ensures that management’s participation in the process is meaningful, impactful and drives value.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Executing a M&A transaction is the pivot point from one journey to the next. Successful transactions, whether buying or selling a company, begin with a clear strategy that goes beyond pure financials and incorporates a holistic approach that yields the most advantageous pool of targets. Wellvest’s approach to M&A transactions is informed by years of experience as entrepreneurs, business operators, investors and investment bankers. This ensures the transaction meets broad stakeholder objectives, not just financial, so the next phase of the journey is as successful as the first.

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An investment from Wellvest is more than capital. We add value to our portfolio companies through our extensive industry knowledge, operating experience, network and collaborative approach. Our team has been at the forefront of the health and wellness space from its inception. From launching new products and innovative technology to supporting new categories to corporate governance and managing the factory floor, we understand your business. We leverage this with founders and leaders to execute their vision and build stakeholder value.


Strategic Advisory

The value of our deep industry and domain expertise manifests itself through our strategic advisory work. We believe a well-formulated strategy is a fundamental driver of value. That’s why it’s part and parcel of every interaction with clients, investors and portfolio companies and is a critical element of a capital raise, M&A or investment engagement. This capability can also be deployed formally as a standalone engagement.